Registrations for Edition VII 2024 are SOLD OUT

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NorthCape4000 Cardinal Points.


Helmet, lights, respect of local and national laws and respect of the rules of the road. We want that the NorthCape4000 becomes an expression of Sport, adventure and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore remember, Safety First or there can be no fun.


The start of the event is scheduled for Saturday, July 20, 2024 from Rovereto. The organization will provide all participants with a complete track of the route to be followed until the arrival in North Cape, but remember that, at any time and for any reason related to your safety, as well as traffic and road conditions, including road works, deviations and any other imponderable situation that you may face along the track we have provided, you are free, at your discretion, to leave the track and resume it as soon as these conditions have ceased and your safety is guaranteed again. So, you can deviate from the route at any time and then resume it later, using alternative roads at your discretion, if conditions require it. In any case, the organization will always be able to check your route, your position and your speed.

You can also leave the track for reasons other than safety, for example reaching a hotel or a workshop, but in this case you will have to rejoin the track exactly where you left off


Along the route, the participants have to carry out a validation procedure at all mandatory Gates specified by the staff. If the checks on live tracking detect that the participant cut short or failed to pass through one of the 4 Gates or to carry out the validation, the participant will be automatically disqualified.
You can carry out the validation action at the Gates 24 hours a day at your discretion:

during the opening hours of the Gate you will obtain the control stamp from the Gate staff

during the closing times of the Gate the validation will be represented by the passage itself in front of the Gate, registered thanks to the satellite device received as standard.


It is not allowed, in any form and at any time, to support participants with vehicles in tow, for any reason, not even for the sole purpose of documenting. The only media content produced and authorized during the event are those created by the event staff. Any other content that has not been created by the athlete himself is prohibited and if made with means and equipment by external people, it will be prosecuted as a violation of the NorthCape4000 trademark, protected by European copyright.

If during the event the organization should find, or have news of means following an athlete, the latter will be immediately disqualified from the event permanently. This is a legendary and merit-based adventure, as sport and loyal people should be. Whether your name appears in the finishers up there on top of the world or falls in the dust along the way is your responsibility alone


If you are obsessively looking for performance, you love the fanaticism and stress typical of racing, or your concept of adventure corresponds to taking reckless risks, follow our advice, DO NOT register for the NorthCape4000.

The NorthCape4000 is an Extraordinary Bike Adventure in which you have complete freedom to set your own schedule, but always keeping in mind that this is NOT a race and that we do NOT tolerate the typical poisons of competition here.

Having said that we are talking about a 4000 km Legendary Adventure on the saddle of a bicycle and the utmost honesty and respect for the sporting spirit is required of all participants. Detections through live tracking or the passage of service cars during the course of the event that will show incorrect behavior or against the event regulations will be sanctioned with measures by the Staff or, in the most serious cases, with immediate expulsion of the participant.


Each Participant is free to tackle the route provided by following his personal schedule, however, to be the Finisher of the event, it is necessary to cover the route completely and arrive at the North Cape within the time window provided by the organization. Participants who arrive at the North Cape outside the scheduled time window, which includes a minimum track coverage time and a time limit, will not be registered as a Finisher.


Live tracking of participants during the event will be done using satellite technology provided by the organization, free of charge to each participant. It is mandatory for participants to continuously track their own location during the event. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the event after a warning from the organization.


The organization does not recommend participants to cycle during nighttime and, in any case, where there is low visibility or poor safety conditions. If you decide to do this, it is mandatory to use an appropriate front and rear lighting system as well as a high visibility reflective clothing. Cycling consecutively for many days, with few or no rest, can cause hallucinations and drastically lower the threshold of attention on the road and the perception of danger.


All your Questions Answered.

Registrations for Edition VII 2024 will open on December 1, 2023, at 3:00 PM Italian time and will close on January 10, 2024.

For the 2024 edition, there are 300 spots available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The registration process will take place on the event website (

At NorthCape4000 there are no intermediate approval stages for participants, once payment has been completed you will be sure of being on board, North Cape awaits you. The event registration process is simple and fast, and you’ll be able to register in just 2 minutes.

To register you do not need any documents, the medical certificate can be sent via email within 45 days of departure.

Registrations will remain open until January 10, 2024 (from December 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, at 397€, and from January 1, 2024, to January 10, 2024, at 479€), or until all available spots (300) are filled. In that case, the registration page will be automatically locked by the system once the quota is reached, and it will no longer be possible to access the event for Edition VII 2024.

The NorthCape4000 organization may, at any time and at its sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse registration, providing an immediate refund of the paid fee and

Registration for the event is non-refundable, It is not transferable to other individuals and is valid only for the current edition.

But it is right, and we would like to explain the reasons: unlike other Bikepacking events at NorthCape4000 we have extremely clear standards of the event and we immediately decided to create an event with certain quality characteristics.

These features have a very high cost.

Whether it is the inspections made by the Staff throughout Europe or the maniacal study with which every year we provide a track of 4000 km, the complete coverage of the event in the field with professionals in tow, 2 service cars and latest generation equipment, or the satellite technology included in the registration, the NorthCape4000, at the time of writing, is the only UltraDistance, which on these mileage and in addition to the professional cycling events, offers and guarantees such a level of quality and investments.

In a micro world like Bikepacking it is easily verifiable and since we are sure of what we say, we invite you to check.

Precisely for the standards that we have therefore decided to give to the event and whatever the number of participants of each edition, every year we expose ourselves in advance to guarantee an unchanged level of quality and that does not depend in any way on our Partners, and we do it without knowing the result of each edition, incurring huge costs both in the launch phase and later, on the basis of each participant to the event.

This is the reason why your registration fee, even if you decide not to use it, will be used to keep the NorthCape4000 active and increasingly maintained.

Cancellation – If, for reasons of force majeure that do not depend on the organization but from environmental reasons and / or health causes and / or deriving from the geopolitical situation at a national or international level, the event could not take place, the amount paid at the time of registration will not be refunded but will be considered valid for the next edition. In any case, the organization will have the right, for those who register free of charge for the next edition, to a contribution for secretarial expenses and the renewal of the sports card (mandatory by law) of € 47.00. The payment of the secretarial contribution and the sports card must be made by the date indicated by the organization, which will inform the participants by means of a specific communication.

Shifting of the event – Furthermore, for reasons of force majeure or other serious reasons, which could jeopardize the preparation of the event or the participation in it by a number of people not less than half of the members, the Organization reserves the right to move the place and / or date of the event within the same calendar year. In this case, the fee paid for registration will be valid for the event on the rescheduled date, without increasing costs for members. In this case, it is not possible to move the registration to the following year’s edition.

The Riders page will be updated by May 2024 with the list of all participants in Edition VII

All participants are REQUIRED to provide the following to the organization:


Each participant also has the responsibility to possess:




A valid medical certificate for cycling practice is required at the time of the event. The medical certificate should be sent by email to [email protected] or can be uploaded directly to the website only during registration.

The medical certificate MUST be sent via email by June 5, 2024 (45 days from the departure date).

Participants who do not comply with this requirement will not be considered duly registered and will not be entitled to participate in the event or to a refund of the registration fee.

Non-Italian participants can provide, in place of the medical certificate, a statement from their own doctor attesting that the participant is in good health and able to engage in cycling, accompanied if possible by an ECG and other health status examinations.

There is no pre-filled form for this document since each country has different rules for the declaration of physical fitness for sports.


Each participant must have personal health insurance covering potential hospital expenses and repatriation, valid for the entire duration of the event, for all countries crossed by the NorthCape4000 edition 2024.
The insurance can ONLY be sent by email to [email protected] by July 1, 2024 (20 days from departure).

Participants who do not comply with this requirement will not be considered duly registered and will not be entitled to participate in the event or to a refund of the registration fee.


It is the exclusive responsibility of the participant to possess the necessary documents to access the various countries crossed by the event. For European citizens, normally only an identity card is required, while for non-European citizens, a passport, with or without a visa, is required. We therefore invite you to inquire at your consular offices to obtain up-to-date information on this matter.

Foreign participants can request the invitation letter or documents relating to visa applications exclusively by email and by April 2024. We therefore recommend foreign participants to activate the visa application procedure well in advance in order to avoid requests for the last moment that, due to organizational needs, we will not be able to satisfy, not to mention that if you apply for a visa with a reduced margin of time you will be unable, if there is a problem, to solve it with the Italian representation abroad.

The full GPS track will be sent via email to the participants, approximately and in a provisional version, approximately 3 months before departure (end of April), while the final version of the route, which you will then upload to your GPS device, approximately 2 months before of the beginning of the event (end of May).
In this way you will have the opportunity, already from the provisional version, to plan your stages well in advance and the optimal management of the route to NorthCape. Remember that it is your sole responsibility to study the track, organize and anticipate the various aspects of the challenge, including available support and supply points.

Preparing a 4000 km new route every year by choosing the best and the safest roads in Europe is a huge commitment and work that we take extremely seriously. It requires months of work and many inspections. You understood correctly, physical inspections in the territories touched by the event. It’s not something that happens often at Bikepacking events, but we do it and all over Europe. In light of this commitment we are therefore willing to take on this responsibility and this commitment only for our participants.

We ask you to kindly respect our work and remind you that the event track is RESERVED for participants only, disclosure or sharing on the internet is NOT ALLOWED, for any reason and on any platform.

In the unfortunate event that we were to be informed or find our track available to people NOT participating in the event, the participant who spread the track will be excluded from the event permanently

At NorthCape4000, safety comes first and foremost. In the 2024 edition, as in previous editions, a fixed route will be maintained to minimize the inherent risks of the adventure, guiding you through safer and more bike-friendly roads.

Through on-site inspections and cartographic research, we have prioritized scenic and secondary roads to avoid heavy traffic and hazardous conditions.

However, it is undeniable that, despite all our attention and thoroughness, we cannot anticipate the conditions you will encounter on the road during the event. Therefore, here are some rules for interpreting the provided route:
At any time and for any reason related to your safety, road and traffic conditions, including roadwork, detours, and any other unforeseeable situation you may encounter along the provided route, you are free, at your discretion, to deviate from the route and resume it once the encountered conditions have ceased, and your safety is again assured.
You may deviate from the route at any time and then rejoin it as soon as possible, using alternative roads at your discretion, if conditions require it.

You may also leave the route for reasons other than safety, such as reaching a hotel, a repair shop, or a place you want to visit. In this case, however, you must resume the exact route where you left it.

In any case, the organization will always be able to verify your route, your position, and your speed. Temporary deviations for the reasons mentioned above are allowed, but there should be no clear and unjustified shortcuts from the provided route.

Remember that NorthCape4000 is a self-supported adventure, and it is always your responsibility to study the prepared route, knowing that if the conditions you encounter at the time of the event are different from what was expected, for any reason, you always have the option to choose another route and resume the provided route as soon as possible.

The meeting with the participants will take place in Rovereto on Friday, July 19, 2024 (details will be sent to participants via email) from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

From 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM – event package collection and participant registration.

From 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM – meeting between Participants and Staff.

The NorthCape4000 is a self-supported adventure event, and there is no baggage transport service provided by the organization.

To this question, until a few years ago, we would probably have answered firmly and confidently: road bikes. But things, markets, and trends change, moral of the story? For the past three editions, at the start of the NorthCape4000, there are more and more Gravel or All Road bikes, call them what you prefer. Thanks to the development of materials, reduced weight, and overall improvement in the performance of non-purely road bikes, we are witnessing an increasing number of people taking on this incredible adventure on a Gravel bike and successfully completing the adventure. What do we want to say? That the choice of the bike should also be linked to the schedule you plan to maintain during the event and that if you don’t have a road bike, you can comfortably participate with a gravel bike.

In the VII Edition of the NorthCape4000, we have minimized the sea crossings by choosing the shortest routes with more frequent daily departures. 

The only ferries/boats allowed during the VII Edition 2024 of the NorthCape4000, to be booked at the complete discretion of the participants, are the ones listed below:

Rostock (Germany) – Gedser (Denmark) – approximately 2 hours duration.
Helsingør (Denmark) / Helsingborg (Sweden) – approximately 30 minutes duration.

Unlike other events, at NorthCape4000, we have very few rules, but you must respect them. Fairness and loyalty are essential elements of NorthCape4000, and the organization, in cases where violations of the rules or behaviors that go against the core values or spirit of the event are detected, reserves the right to impose various types of penalties, including, for the most serious cases, permanent exclusion of the participant from the event.

On this website, you will find all the information needed to clearly determine if the event aligns with what you are seeking. By registering, you accept all the rules of the event and are aware that measures may be taken in case of non-compliance.

The participant tracking system during the event, and the real-time updating of each athlete’s position on the LIVE MAP, with a tracking system at the organization’s discretion, is provided free of charge by the organization to every participant for the entire duration of the event. It is mandatory for the participant to continuously transmit their position, from the departure in Rovereto until their arrival at North Cape.

A few minutes before the departure on July 20, 2024, we will check that each participant possesses the following mandatory minimum safety equipment. Without these items, the participant will not be able to take part in the event:

  • Helmet
  • Adequate front lighting system
  • Adequate rear lighting system
  • High-visibility reflective vest

The Gates are intermediate checkpoints where each participant must pass to complete a validation action. The validation action can be represented by passing in front of the Gate itself or, at the participant’s discretion, by having the Gate personnel stamp their Carnet De Passage (CDP).

In the NorthCape4000 VII Edition 2024, the following Gates will be active:

G1 Muenchen (details on location / opening hours / contacts will follow)
G2 Berlin (details on location / opening hours / contacts will follow)
G3 Copenhagen (details on location / opening hours / contacts will follow)
G4 Rovaniemi (details on location / opening hours / contacts will follow)

The Gates are positioned along the route, and to reach them, you only need to follow the provided track (Gates are identifiable and marked by GPS WayPoints). To complete the mandatory validation action, which can be done 24/7, you can, at your discretion:

– Pass the Gate during its opening hours. During these times, you will find Gate personnel, and the validation action will be represented by having your CDP stamped by the Gate personnel.

– Pass the Gate during its closing hours. You will not be able to receive the stamp, and there will be no personnel waiting for you. In this case, the validation action, verifiable by the organization via satellite, will be your passage in front of the Gate itself.

Recommendation: Gates are often in tourist-relevant locations, and in some cases, bicycle thefts have been reported. Therefore, we recommend that participants ensure, during the registration process, that their bike is secured in a safe place or carried by hand inside the Gate if possible

A distinctive feature of the NorthCape4000 since its inception is the physical presence of the Staff in the field, all the way to North Cape. We’re talking about covering the entire Europe. Along with us, there are two support vehicles, a system of control Gates organized with personnel from all over Europe, and state-of-the-art technological equipment. Nevertheless, it’s easily understandable that in an event of this distance and scope, even with significant resources, it is very difficult to ensure that all participants appear in the photos and videos of the edition.

We assure you that we will do our best to make you the protagonists, but we kindly request that you refrain from sending us emails asking to appear in the videos or to be reached by the nearest car. Please remember that, like you, we cover the entire Europe, and we have no preferences.

While one participant may be in Denmark at the front of the group, another at the back may still be in Switzerland. A train that often measures up to 1500 km, and it’s impossible to cover every participant with photos and videos. It would be wonderful, but it’s not feasible.

If being photographed and filmed is essential for you, please do not register for the NorthCape4000 because, for the reasons explained above and the vast distances covered by the event, we cannot guarantee media coverage for everyone.

Remember that the NorthCape4000 experience will remain unique regardless of whether you are captured in the videos or not. While the videos are beautiful, they are just a supplement to your magical adventure. Live the event without distractions and in the spirit that brings you the most joy, and we guarantee you will treasure one of the greatest experiences of your life.

To view the live videos and photos created by the Staff during each edition, follow the Facebook page, the website, and the YouTube channel

The information will be sent by email to the participants.

Many people write to us asking for information on how to find accommodations during their journey. Accommodation concerns are common when embarking on an adventure. However, there is good news, and this concern is completely unfounded, especially in today’s world. Let us explain why.

Firstly, technology has made finding nightly accommodations infinitely easier and more straightforward than ever before, and this is thanks to apps that you can download on your phone, such as Booking, Kayak, Trivago, and Airbnb.

These apps easily bring all the accommodation possibilities in a specific geographic area to your phone. Even if you don’t speak a word of English, you can use the app in your own language and book any type of accommodation (hotels, B&Bs, campgrounds, agritourism, apartments, etc.).

You can do exactly what we’ve done hundreds of times:

At a certain time of the day, let’s say around 3-4 PM (if you plan to stop around 5-6 PM), you can take out your phone and search on Booking, setting the geographic area where you want to find accommodation as the country you plan to reach by the end of the day or when you’ve decided to stop.

You can also search using the “search around me” option. (The important thing is to make a reservation at least 1 hour before your arrival at the accommodation to give the Hotel time to prepare for your arrival.)

Just check the NorthCape4000 route map, choose a town or city ahead of your current location, and use the booking apps to find your preferred accommodation in that location.

We assure you that there’s nothing else you need to do to find a different place to sleep every night. This simple process is how we’ve found accommodations all over the world, even in the most remote and less serviced areas, which, by the way, are far less developed and served than Europe, one of the world’s most developed and serviced continents.

Participants in all previous editions have done exactly the same, and no one has had trouble finding accommodation. You should approach it with the mindset that adventure means finding what you need along the way, and in Europe, there is hardly ever a problem doing that.

On these apps, you can search for available accommodations, sort them by price, reviews, distance from your current location, and various other filters. It’s all extremely simple and always available in your language to avoid misunderstandings or booking issues. All you need is a debit or credit card, and you can book a reservation without any problems in 10 seconds. Plus, many accommodations accept bookings with free cancellation.

Easier than this.

If you’ve never booked accommodations with these apps, download, Expedia, or another booking app on your phone right away and get familiar with it. It’s important, just like with other aspects of the adventure, that you arrive at the start after becoming familiar with all the tools you’ll use during the journey, and we can guarantee that instant booking apps will be one of the tools you’ll love the most. They provide freedom of choice, transparency, and, most importantly, the ability to book with very little notice, which is crucial when you’re embarking on a self-supported adventure where plans can change from day to day.

We remind you that the entire raid takes place in one of the most civilized, serviced, and safe places on the planet: Western Europe

The information will be sent by email to the participants.

The information will be sent by email to the participants.

The information will be sent by email to the participants.

Minimum departure time at Gate 4 in Rovaniemi: You can arrive in Rovaniemi at any time, but you cannot leave Gate 4 until July 30, 2024. Departure is allowed starting at 12:01 AM (one minute past midnight) on July 30, taking advantage of the 24-hour daylight in Rovaniemi.

Maximum time at the North Cape: We have set a maximum time limit to complete the route and be recognized as a Finisher. For the 2024 Edition VII, you must finish by 09:00 PM on Saturday, August 10, 2024.

If you arrive at North Cape after this time, you will not be registered as a Finisher.

The information will be sent by email to the participants.

The participants’ reception and the photos for all the Finishers throughout the event will be managed by the NorthCape4000 Staff.

This means that every participant will be welcomed at the North Cape by the event staff and will receive the Official Arrival Photo until the end of the event (August 10, 2024).

The NorthCape4000 staff will welcome you at the Visitor Center by stamping your CDP (Carnet De Passage) at counter 3 with the FINISHER stamp, along with recording your name, date, and time of arrival. Additionally, when you desire, the staff will be happy to take the official arrival photo of you with your bike (to access the Globe at Cape North with your bike, you will need to use the external path located to the left of the entrance door), which will be taken, as usual, under the Cape North Globe.

If you arrive at the North Cape after August 10th you will have experienced,, just like all the other participants and completely at your own pace, a magnificent and unforgettable experience. However, your arrival at the North Cape Visitor Center will not be recorded in the Finisher list of the VII Edition.

The information will be sent by email to the participants.

The NorthCape4000 was born with a specific purpose: to make people’s lives better through a formidable Sporting and Human Experience.

Making it better means enjoying and capitalizing on an experience that for most people only happens once in a lifetime. For this reason, everything related to the event should be experienced and interpreted, by those who intend to take part, with positive emotion, enthusiasm, courtesy towards others and towards the Staff, as well as awareness of being able to experience something Extraordinary in able to open your mind and really change your life. Fortunately, this happens in almost all of the people who attended the event.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes it happens that this spirit is completely misunderstood or ignored, with the result that not only is the event not experienced as it was conceived and designed, but the event is used to vent one’s anger, unhappiness and frustration, using incorrect tones towards those who, 365 days a year, work hard on the growth of the event.

This behavior not only disrespects the Staff but above all pollutes the atmosphere of the event and damages in the first place those who, rightly, come to NorthCape4000 to have a positive parenthesis that goes beyond the problems, clashes, anxieties and frustrations typical of everyone’s daily life.

Always remember that the purpose of participating in this event is to do an extraordinary thing that will make you happy and that you can tell with contagious enthusiasm, so approach the event in all its aspects with happiness and joy of being there, after all .. you are here for it.

So a tip, if you participate in the NorthCape4000 always remember why you decided to do it.

The organization reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion to remove people who are not in line with the event.

Unsupported Adventure.

Participating in the NorthCape4000 means giving yourself and your life a gift of unique value, as long as you are aware of taking part in an UltraDistance Adventure in complete autonomy. The Adventure, by its very nature and definition, requires flexibility, a spirit of adaptation and the ability to read conditions on the field.

Despite the obsessive care and scruple we place in the preparation of each single edition, it is physically impossible to predict the real conditions that you will find on the field at the time of the event. For this reason, you are responsible for viewing the route sent with the utmost care, providing support and supply points, night points, etc.

We choose the best roads in Europe but it is easy to understand, given the length of the event, that the conditions on the field could be different or change suddenly for a thousand reasons and at any time: detours, road works, closures of other communication routes and diverted traffic flows. For this reason, in the presence of improvised and extraordinary circumstances that you may find on you are free to exit the track, at your complete discretion, and to resume it as soon as the safety conditions are restored.

Tackle this Adventure responsibly, with awareness and preparation, and you will treasure the Greatest Experience of your Life

NorthCape4000 VII

An Extraordinary Route that crosses Europe for 4000 km, through 7 Nations and Formidable Natural Wonders

Infinite Emotion

Watch the Videos, the Photos and find out who the Protagonists of the Past Editions are.

Unique and Inimitable

An all-encompassing Experience that changes the lives of people from all over the world.