The most Participated UltraCycling Bike Adventure in the World.


Registrations for Edition VIII 2025 will open december 1, 2024

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1 Continent, 7 Countries, 4000 km self supported with a legendary destination, the Arctic Circle! This is the NorthCape4000, the Most Participated Ultracycling Bike Adventure in the World.

Now sit back, take a deep breath and get ready to Experience the UltraCycling Bikepacking Event that has changed the lives of People all over the World. 4000 km of Incredible Beauty and Extraordinary Road Companions in the Bike Challenge, Followed and Reported Live from All Over Europe, which will take your Life to the Next Level.

There are the Bikepacking Events, then there is the NorthCape4000


We traced 4000 km of timeless atmospheres, amazing landscapes and natural sceneries. All united, to the Great North!


There are 4 obligatory Gates where participants have to pass through. Here one can catch their breath whilst having their pass validated.


A Legendary Adventure requires Legendary Participants. No outside support whatsoever; total autonomy. You have to earn the Title of Finisher.


Experience the event and cover the distance in the time you want; however, to be a Finisher of Edition VII, you must reach North Cape by August 10, 2024

The Experience of Life

The NorthCape4000 is not just a sporting event, but an indelible experience that will accompany you for a long time and that you will treasure every day, probably for the rest of your life. Ask who has already participated and discover why this is the reference Event in the UltraCycling Bikepacking World.

Far away from the “races” and fanaticism that now spoil every corner of the sport world, at NorthCape4000, you come to run or enjoy the journey, the choice is yours, but with respect, a fair play and a desire to have fun that unite all our participants and that you will not find in any other bikepacking event. Then, it’s up to you to cycle with your eyes glued to the front wheel or to cycle in dreamlike scenarios with fellow bikers who make the difference. 

An Extraordinary Route

We don’t draw a line from A to B and we don’t find our tracks on the internet or on travel forums. Every year, the NorthCape4000 staff creates a completely new event, in numbers and route, which is planned thanks to dozens of hours of study on maps through the most advanced map- making and the most accurate field research.

Every year, we bring new faces, atmospheres and suggestions of an ever-changing Europe able to excite you and make you feel like pioneers even in the age of smartphones. Every year, we take you to an unparalleled place making everything terribly Special.

Nature and Beauty: Our Most Important Partners

The NorthCape4000 is Unique for many reasons but what you will be lucky enough to admire from the saddle of your bicycle, you will see with your own eyes, exceeds all your expectations and represents one of the Unique and Inimitable Characteristics of the Event.

Imagine crossing an entire continent on the most beautiful and safest roads in Europe, an infinite maze of dream routes away from traffic and suitable for bicycles and which, kilometer after kilometre, reveals before your eyes small villages, spectacular countryside and a uninterrupted carousel of postcard scenarios.

Imagine pedaling immersed in natural paradises such as Lapland, the Magic of the Alps and some of the most famous and spectacular parks and natural areas in Europe. Lush nature, dreamy atmospheres and a track so beautiful that you didn’t even think it could exist on a continent as developed as Europe.

Up to the point where, pedaling in the company of splendid reindeer families, you will touch one of the Greatest Natural Spectacles we have planned for you: The Arctic Circle and the North Cape.

It is the commitment that we decide to make every year towards our Participants: To give an Experience so Powerful and Extraordinary as to become an Indelible Reference Point in People’s Lives.

A Commitment that we keep every year.

NorthCape4000 VII

An Extraordinary Route that crosses Europe for 4000 km, through 7 Nations and Formidable Natural Wonders

Infinite Emotion

Watch the Videos, the Photos and find out who the Protagonists of the Past Editions are.

Unique and Inimitable

An all-encompassing Experience that changes the lives of people from all over the world.